Frequently Asked Questions for

These are the most frequently asked questions for Please note that some of these may not be applicable for Cpanel hosting in Free Cloud Host

I have not received my free account activation e-mail, what do I do?
Check your spam or junk mail folders, if you have not received it after an hour please try signing up again using an alternative e-mail address such as a address.

How do I delete my free account?
Remove all domains or sub-domains you added and all content including files, folders and databases and your account will be removed in due time.

I can’t seem to login to my free account, what do I do?
Ensure your browser accepts all cookies and that you are using the correct information, if the problem persists try an alternative browser and if still having issues, contact support for assistance.

How many accounts can I have on free hosting?
One (1) account per e-mail address for one user.

How do I change my username on free hosting?
You are not able to change your free hosting control panel username, if necessary however you are free to create a new account.

How much files can I upload?
You’re free to upload as upto 30000 inodes (files and folders combined), but please be aware that the largest size for an individual file is limited to 10Mb.

What filetypes are supported?
We support all filetypes on all services with the exception of free hosting which does not support executable files and key multimedia and archival filetypes due to abuse.

What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the amount of data your website can transfer per month, every month the bandwidth counter will reset.

How can I upload files?
You have two ways, the first one (recommended), you can download a FTP client software, you will find recommended free software to download on the “Free FTP Software” from the “Files” section on Control Panel. The second way is to use our free “Online File Manager” on Control Panel.

How can I use FTP?
You need to check out our web hosting tutorials on how to setup and use FTP to manage your files.

Do you allow PHP?
Yes, we allow PHP in – however there are restrictions on some functions or features.

Do you support MySQL?
MySQL is supported in however on free hosting, some features and restrictions are in effect (eg. LOCK TABLES)

How do I create a MySQL Database?
Please refer to the specific section in the web hosting tutorials for your particular service for exact information.

How do I connect to my MySQL Database in a script?
You will need a few pieces of information based on your database and account…

Database Host/Server name
Database Name
Database Username
Database User Password
Database Table Prefix (for some scripts)

How do I retrieve a lost MySQL user password?
On free hosting your MySQL password is the same as your website control panel, if you are able to login via your control panel you can use the same for your database.

Do you offer PHPMyAdmin?
Yes we do offer PHPMyAdmin.

Do you support cURL and sockets?
Yes, on premium paid plans these are fully supported and on free hosting HTTP only services are supported.

Is PHP safe_mode on or off?
Off on all services, you can enable this to be on if necessary by using the following .htaccess directive:
php_value safe_mode on

What functions are disabled?
On all services, server-level functions (eg. exec) are disabled however this may change as new versions of PHP come out.

To find the latest functions disabled please refer to PHP info by uploading a page with the following content:

Is ionCube supported?
Yes, all services support ionCUBE.

Do you support GD?
Yes, GD2 is supported on our platforms.

Do you support Imagemagick?
Unfortunately we do not support this particular library at this point in time due to issues with the underlying coding for this library and module.

Do you support Zend?
Yes, all services support zend optimizer encoded scripts.

Do you limit PHP memory usage?
All web hosts feature memory limits, ours are very generous as for free hosting, you can have upto 24M of memory, on premium paid services this is 32M to 128M as needed.

Is PHP mail enabled?
Yes, you may use the mail() function of PHP on all of our services however we do recommend using SMTP based configurations for scripts and third-party mailing servers to better help your recipients to receive the intended message.

What type of websites are not allowed to be hosted?
Anything illegal, websites that contains copyrighted files (warez), adult content, spamming scripts, web proxies etc… You cannot use your space as a file storage.

How do I report a website?
We would really appreciate it, the best way is to report it in community forum.

How do I get support?
Please join our community forums.

What details should I post when asking for support?
Don’t post your account’s password, including databases passwords! And just be specific.

Do you backup user data?
We maintain SERVER-WIDE backups only, this means we cannot restore a single account, file, database or other data out of an individual account as the backups are intended solely for restoration of entire servers in the event of catastrophe.

Please implement and maintain your own backups for your account level data!

Do you support ASP?
We do not support ASP

Can I use custom .htaccess files and mod_rewrite?
Yes, you have the ability on all services to use both .htaccess files and mod_rewrite capabilities.

Do you put ads on user websites?
NO. We do not put any ads on user websites or domains or sub domains. We place ads only on our main site.

If you are not putting ads on user pages like most other free hosts, how do you survive?
We have several means of monetization. We make money whenever you upgrade or buy domain from us. We also make money from the advertisements placed on the main site

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