Best Performance Tips for WordPress in Free Cloud Host

These are the things that you need to do for getting the best performance of your wordpress site hosted here.

1. Use Cloudflare DNS

After setting up wordpress in your hosting account, change the DNS to your cloudflare DNS. Now your site will be cached partially through cloudflare servers. Also it should provide you with some adequate protection.

2. Use LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

In case if you haven’t noticed, our server runs on Litespeed Enterprise. Use this plugin to get the max performance from our server.

3. Use Quic.Cloud CDN

Now to get more performance from our server and the Litespeed plugin that you have installed, use CDN which is made just for wordpress. Since we are running Litespeed Enterprise, you will be getting 10 times the free plan credits.

After signing up there, you can add your domain and it will detect the litespeed plugin and litepseed enterprise server.

Then you will need to change the IP address in the cloudflare from our server IP to the server IP of the server assigned to you.

Now your traffic will be routed to the cdn

4. Use Cloudflare Plugin

I would suggest to use WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache plugin than the default CLoudflare plugin.

Now you need to stop the caching being done in the litepseed cache plugin, this plugin will do the caching through cloudflare and the litespeed plugin will work with the cdn.

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