My desktop computer is still the most comfortable and also more efficient device for searches, as I can sit at a desk, and take notes as well. I have a system with NotePad as well.

I find the phone a little clumsy at times, but yes, agreed, I find myself using it more too, but because of cost however, I am on a package that doesn’t include data, i.e. I only do searches with WiFi at home. The clumsy part is that I have to fiddle around with enlarging photos, and it’s just not the same with YouTube as well. I’m getting more experienced at using it, but am still more comfortable with my desktop computer. Not only of the computer, but the total search package consisting of computer on a desk with Notepad on the computer and also hard copy notepad, pen and pencil. I like to write down key words from time to time, just to be able to refer back to it some times.