@kreesher For me DiorectAdmin has come a long way since I first got in touch with it as an end user. However it is a long LONG way off from even competing straight with cpanel. The last time I used it I didn’t find it as user friendly. Due to the fact that on an Admin basis for setting DirectAdmin up it can be a hit and miss affair for the Administrator. If there is a choice between DirectAdmin and cPanel, cPanel wins hands down in every respect. Particularly from a user friendly point of view. If one doesn’t have a choice though, and can get DirectAdmin for free, then DirectAdmin is a really great cPanel alternative. For me I’d put it on top of the list together with my favourite VestaCP fork with Debian https://myvestacp.com/

All depends whether you have a budget. If you want a free panel, DirectAdmin is a really good free panel. If you have to pay for it though, then it’s OK’ish. For now any way.