8 months and still going strong!

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    Thank Binil. 8 months since I received my cpanel hosting account and it’s still going strong. cPanel quality is tops. Speed great. And uptime excellent.

    In the meanwhile plenty of hosts seem to have tried for cpanel alternatives, particularly DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin tried to cash in on the cpanel unpopularity because of high rates, by offering cheap packages for web hosts. For example, I have a VPS with location in England with Hostus.us. I am able to get a DirectAdmin account with limitless accounts for free with my VPS with location in England.

    Shortly after I received my cpanel account here, I participated in a BETA project for trying out shared hosting with DirectAdmin. I was totally surprised how much DirectAdmin look has changed from many years ago with Frihost when I first used it. It now looks so much like cpanel. BUT, it still isn’t cpanel. I don’t think any panel out there can really beat cpanel.

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