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    I, on a daily basis use Telegram for chats but I wonder what you people use.

    Whatsapp? SMS? Imessage (R.I.P Android)


    I’m using WhatsApp. I know there’s been a big huha about WhatsApp at the beginning of the year, due to its link with FaceBook and issue about privacy and that quite a number of WhatsApp holders moved to Telegram. But in the community that I live in, WhatsApp has been a way of life for many years. It’s the way we conduct business and communicate with our family and friends.

    As a rule I don’t keep any personal info in WhatsApp, and I’m always careful what I say whether e-mail or any place on the Internet. But I’ve used WhatsApp for three years now, and have nothing to fault it with. It works very very well.


    I also use Telegram, but unfortunately there are many people that prefer using and stuck to whatsapp and take a lot of time to do the switch…

    I feel that with time more and more people are on telegram so this trend is to continue and hope to be able to uninstall whatsapp someday.


    I am using both WhatsApp (for personal use) and WhatsApp for Business (for professional use). For me its not possible right now to switch completely to Telegram because all my friends and clients are on WhatsApp..


    What is the main difference between the business whatsapp and the personal one?

    Since I use at work as well but the personal one has everything needed.

    You have more tools @binil on the business one?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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