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    You need to have at least 5 quality posts before requesting for cpanel hosting. When requesting, please specify the following.

    1. 1. your primary domain name (TLD) that you will be using – you need to own this domain, we won’t provide you the domain for free. We won’t accept .tk domains as it will be confiscated by them as soon as it gets traffic. Not good for you or for us. But you can use free subdomain.
    2. email id
    3. your preferred hosting plan – plan 1, 2, 3 or 4.
    4. If you are using your own DNS servers like your domain registrar DNS or Cloudflare, please specify them. I will setup the hosting to use the nameservers specified at the Domains Registrar (and ignore our nameservers.) and you can change the records in your nameservers at your domain registrar or cloudflare according to this post –

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